Public Notice No. 2023



May 2, 2023
Town of Guernsey
 Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

PRESENT: Mayor Delgado, CM Augustyn, CM Harris, CM Michaels, CM Wells.
STAFF:  Mike Fronapfel, Chuck Porter, Jeff Thomas, Hillary Dawson.
CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Delgado called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
OATH OF OFFICE: Mayor Delgado appointed Hillary Dawson Clerk/Treasurer, CM Wells motioned to approve, CM Harris seconded. The motion carried. Judge Conner swore Hillary Dawson in for the Clerk/treasurer Position.

AGENDA: CM Wells moved to approve the agenda. CM Michaels seconded. The motion carried.
MINUTES: CM Wells moved to approve the April 18, 2023, minutes, as presented. CM Harris seconded. The motion carried.
CONSIDERATION OF CLAIMS:  Mayor Delgado presented the vouchers for approval. CM Augustyn moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $115,994.78, seconded by CM Michaels. The motion carried. Vouchers follow in their entirety: Amazon Capital Services, $988.96; Black Hills Energy, $495.86; Bomgaars, $298.15; Border States Industries, $469.14; Bowen, Jesse, $160.00; Brad Cook Construction, $1,727.00; Century Link, $965.43; Charlie’s Repair, $96.00; Cooley, Noretta, $152.64; Deere Credit, $13,360.38; Dell Marketing, $1751.50; Grainger, $192.90; Guernsey Municipal Court, $808.00; Holt, Charles, $19.14; Howshar Hardware, $686.41; Lawson Products, $27.94; Mosley, Sarah, $500.00; Newcomb Heating and Cooling, $8735.00; Northwest Pipefitters, $530.55; Offe, Dan, $125.00; Hebbert, Pam, Guernsey Petty Cash, $275.97; Radar Shop, $546.00; Smitty’s Repair, $267.19; TDS Collection Services, $14,929.34; U. S. Postal Service, $208.02; Verizon Wireless, $308.91; W S Darley & CO, $1,601.22; Walmart Pharmacy, $145.38; Wheatland Automotive, $256.42; Wyoming Department of Agriculture, $50.00. Total Invoices, $55,065.95. Payroll, $32,563.30. Taxes/Benefits Payable, $28,365.53. TOTAL CLAIMS: $115,994.78.
PUBLIC COMMENT:  Pat Russell wants to know how the town will combat the weeds this season.      Pat also spoke of commodities in Wheatland closing, suggested moving The Platte County Commodity program to Guernsey. Ada Pulos thanked the Town for raising the Plaques at the Memorial trees.
COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION REPORTS:  Mayor Delgado and Christa Bartel spoke of the influx of construction crews and personnel in town and the need to prepare local businesses.
RESOLUTION 2023-008 and 2003-009 SIGNATURE CARDS: CM Michaels moved that the Resolution 2023-008 removing Pamela Hebbert and adding Hillary Dawson to Banner capital Bank Signature Cards be approved CM Augustyn seconded. The motion carried. CM Wells moved that the Resolution 2023-009 Removing Pamela Hebbert and adding Hillary Dawson to First State Bank Signature Cards be approved CM Michaels seconded. The motion carried.
RESOLUTION 2023-007: RE-APPROPRIATION OF FUNDS: CM Wells motioned to approve; CM Harris seconded the motion. The Motion carried.
Banner Capital CD’s: CM Wells motioned to retain Cd’s at Banner capital Bank at 4% Interest for 24 months, seconded by CM Michaels.
Employee Drug testing: Council approved all FT employees to include Council and Mayor to be randomly drug tested by One Stop Safety of Platte County.
2023 POOL OPERATION: Mayor requested Permission to sign contract, when approved by Parks and Rec Board. CM Wells motioned to approve. CM Harris seconded. The motion carried.
DEPARTMENT REPORTS:  Jeff Thomas reported that multiple training operations have taken place. There will be a Mother Son dance at the VFW on May 13. June 2nd will be 100 years for the Fire Department. Jeff Thomas addressed options for the mouse problem. He also stated the old fire truck needs to be taken to the shop for repairs. CM Michaels addressed the scheduling of flow tests and operations on the fire hydrants. CM Michaels addressed the WMPA rates. Chuck Porter reported on the progress of the Dollar General site. He also addressed as the code enforcer an update that several notices were mailed. Pool tiles to be replaced by Big Dog Construction. Newcomb Heating and Cooling put in 2 On demand Water heaters at the pool. Work to be completed on the Roof of the pro shop and work on the baseball fields.  Updating property records for ease of access. Court report from Judge William Conner 13 cases, 11 Closed, 2 carried over, totaling $1588. Mike Fronapfel stated clean up week went well. Town water in parks have all been turned on and fertilizing will begin. Weed control throughout the town is a work in progress. Addressed the yard clipping dumpster ease of access.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORT: Mayor addressed Golf Course Signage and upcoming budget workshops. CM Augustyn addressed Cemetery. CM Wells addresses the age limit for driving private and public golf carts on the golf course. CM Michaels addresses panhandling at local businesses.
ADJOURNMENT: With no further business, CM Michaels motioned that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 6:56 pm.

Edward Delgado, Mayor
Hillary Dawson, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 2023 published in the Guernsey Gazette on May 9, 2023.