Public Notice No. 2067


May 21, 2024
Town of Guernsey
Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

PRESENT: Mayor Delgado, CM Harris, CW Wells, CM Augustyn, CM Michaels
STAFF: H. Dawson, Mike Fronapfel, Officer Chavez, Chuck Porter
PUBLIC HEARING OF PROTEST-LIQUOR LICENSE TRANSFER- Mayor Delgado called for protests 3 times, with no protests during the hearing. The hearing was closed.
CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Delgado called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm. The assembly joined in the Pledge of Allegiance and was welcomed to the meeting.
REGISTERED GUESTS: Jeff Thomas, Dennis Brinkley, Bob Case, Doug & Lana Swingholm, Christa Rosera, Scott Morey, Eric Johnston
AGENDA: CM Harris moved to approve the agenda with an amendment to add executive session for personnel. CW Wells seconded. The motion carried.

MINUTES: CM Augustyn moved to approve the May 07, 2024 minutes as presented, CM Michaels seconded. The motion carried.
CONSIDERATION OF CLAIMS: Mayor Delgado presented the vouchers for approval. CW Wells moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $169,335.45, seconded by CM Harris. The motion carried. Vouchers follow in their entirety: Absolute Solutions, $1728.60; Alison Pantry, $95.63; Axon Enterprise, $9,984.01; Ben’s Bar, $238.50; Bloedorn Lumber, $444.58; Capital Business Systems, $176.38; Caselle, $618.00; Century Lumber Center, $111.82; CNA Surety, $350.00; CPS Distributors, $706.84; Dad’s Septic, $900.00; Fast Stop, $113.00, Fat Boys Tire & Auto, $3,663.95, Little America Hotels & Resort, $214.00; LL Johnson Distributing Company, $67.37; Northern Tool & Equip., $379.99; O’Reilly Automotive, $42.75; Pryor Creek Bait Company, $36.00; R&R Products, $853.60; Railroad Management Company III, $379.14; Symbol Arts, $20.00; Torrington Office Supply, $22.09; Visionary Broadband, $782.00; WESTCO, $1,212.60; Wheatland Ace Hardware, $794.67; Wheatland R.E.A., $63.06; Wyoming Municipal Power Agency, $78,483.85; WYRULEC, $432.20; Total Invoices, $102,914.63; Payroll, $32,813.63; Taxes/Benefits, $10,520.52. TOTAL CLAIMS: $146,248.78.
ORDINANCE 2025-001 - 1st reading of Budget 2025-001. CM Augustyn made a motion to approve Ordinance 2025-001. Seconded by CW Wells. The motion carried. CM Michaels vote Nay.
OPEN CONTAINER PERMITS- CM Michaels made a motion to approve Crazy Tony’s Permits for May 31st, July 3rd and July 19th. Seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried.
ORDINANCE 2024-003 – Excise Tax Ordinance 2024-003. CM Augustyn made a motion to approve Ordinance 2024-003. Seconded by CW Wells. The motion carried. CM Michaels vote Nay.
URBAN RENEWAL PETITION-Chuck Porter explained the urban renewal petition, that after 25 elected signatures there would need to be a resolution adopted by the governing body. This is not an actionable plan until adopted by the municipality. Chuck encourages the council to look at it so we can have a plan on cleaning up some of the blighted houses in Guernsey. The town is not a junk yard, the town is not for used cars you cannot just park 100’s of used cars on private property or allow your homes to become dilapidated so it becomes a harborage for drug dealers, druggies, vagrants and mendicants. This will go before planning and zoning Thursday. CM Harris had questions and so did the mayor. CW Wells asked Chuck how many violations have you turned over to the police department? Chuck responded with 3. CW Wells also followed up on the Kansas Street Variance and asked if any plans for the property have been presented; Chuck responded with he hasn’t seen anything and it’s getting close to the permit running out and it needs to go through a plan review and process still. M. Fronapfel said they did request a water meter pit be installed. Mayor Delgado asked how many citations you have sent out so far and Chuck said since February probably 10 or 12. The mayor noticed the alley’s need addressed.
FIREWORKS- CM Augustyn made a motion to approve firework sales starting June 28th and detonation dates starting July 2nd. Seconded by CW Wells. The motion carried. CM Harris abstained.
COMMUNITY ORGANIZATION REPORTS: Scott Morey with Camp Guernsey spoke on the happenings over the last few weeks and what’s upcoming. June 3rd there will be an aviation team familiarizing themselves with emergency management and local fire. June 4th open house at the airfield for the community to come look at the helicopter. The TCC has repaired the concrete on the walking path. CM Augustyn suggested our donation of used ties to mitigate the water flow in the canyon. CFMO is looking into getting an engineering firm to look at the possible options. Troops are cutting fire breaks in the North Training Area to help control fires. Mou is being worked on with Guernsey Sunrise school for an emergency location for students and staff. The Mayor and Council thanked the troops for the work on the walking path.
DEPARTMENT REPORTS: Mike Fronapfel referred to WMPA Joe to give an update on the solar panels. CM Michaels thanked Mike and his team for the long days and hard work finding the power outage. Mike apologized for it being out for 23 hours but explained that if you can’t find it you can’t find it. The update on the waterline project is Oftedal has completed the bore and tie into Highway 26. The discussion of water restrictions has started, and they will be implemented; the town is just not sure when or for how long. Suggestions are even numbered homes and odd numbered homes rotate days watering and no watering during the day along with a time limit on watering. The Police department will need to be patrolling and fining anyone that has water running down the street or opersating during restricted hours. The Town parks and cemetery will also be on restrictions. Public Works is getting caught up on mowing and we are still looking for a full-time worker. Town will be fully staffed starting May 28th. Mike wanted to commend his guys for working all night and the hard work they had put in. Brief discussion on a storm drain and road repairs down by the South bridge and the county chip sealing. Chuck Porter says there has been an uptick in building permits and design questions. Reroofs are taking place but not many building inspections. No update on the property improvements south of the school. CM Augustyn had Chuck look into replacing the old sign that spanned highway 26 and if we can put it back up with current WYDOT regulations. Fire Chief Thomas had training out at the industrial park and the weeds were so high that they couldn’t find the fire hydrants. The Mayor said Chuck needs to get out there and take a look at the weeds and contact the appropriate owners. CM Augustyn said he would drop a message to John Bunning Transfer about the weeds. CM Michaels asked Morey and Rosera of camp Guernsey if they’d allow the Fire fighters to access their hydrants during the town’s water tank reduction period. Morey and Rosera explained that has already been discussed and we are happy to assist the Town.
MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORT: CM Harris along with the Council thanked the public works department for their dedication and hard work during the power outage and overall commitment to the town. CM Michaels said there will be a small rate increase with power. WMPA has decided to let the Town’s decide how they will handle solar panel rates and buying power back. The Mayor and Council all thanked the Swingholm’s and welcomed them to the town as business owner’s. CM Augustyn wants to address beach access points and boat launches from the river, the new launch by state parks looks rough. Mike Fronapfel asked CM Augustyn about the Dog Park signage and CM Augustyn says they are being completed and will be acrylic. The agility ramps and other items are being made for the dog park as well. Mayor Delgado thanked the public works department for all their work and all town employees. With the Holiday coming up the Mayor would like approval to close shop at 2pm on Friday before the holiday to allow the employees a little extra time off. CM Harris made a motion to allow town employees off 2 hours early on Friday May 24th for the Holiday. Seconded by CW Wells. The motion carried.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: May 23rd planning and zoning meeting. May 23rd neighborhood watch meeting at First State Bank. May 27th Memorial Day Holiday Town Hall Closed. June 4th is the next council meeting. June 4th camp Guernsey open house at the airfield.
EXECUTIVE SESSION PERSONNEL: CM Michaels motioned to enter executive session at 7:14 p.m. for personnel after a short break. Seconded by CM Harris. The motion carried. The Council returned to regular session with no decisions made.
ADJOURNMENT: Mayor Delgado asked for a motion to adjourn. CW Wells motioned that the meeting be adjourned. Seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried. The meeting was adjourned at 7:24 p.m.

Eddie Delgado, Mayor
Hillary Dawson, Clerk/Treasurer

Public Notice No. 2067 published in the Guernsey Gazette on June 11, 2024.