Public Notice No. 2022



                          April 18, 2023    
Town of Guernsey
 Regular Meeting
Platte County, Wyoming

PRESENT: Mayor Delgado, CM Augustyn, CM Harris, CM Michaels, CM Wells.
STAFF:  Chuck Porter, Shenna Thomas, Dana Bell, Officer Chavez, Mike Fronapfel.
REGISTERING GUESTS:  Robert Case, Rose Martinez, Christa Bartel, Shawna Reichert and Sarah Seyfang
CALL TO ORDER: Mayor Delgado called the meeting to order at 6:00 pm.
AGENDA: CM Harris motioned to approve the agenda. CM Michaels seconded. The motion carried.

MINUTES: CM Wells motioned to approve the minutes from April 4, 2023. CM Harris seconded. The motion carried.
CONSIDERATION OF CLAIMS:  Mayor Delgado presented the vouchers for approval. CM Michaels moved to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $184,019.03, seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried. Vouchers follow in their entirety:  Amazon Capital Services, $59.34;  Bowen, Jesse, $160.00; Capital Business Systems, Inc. $206.38; Carrot-Top Industries Inc., $321.73; Caselle, Inc., $618.00; Century Lumber Center, $318.17; CNA Surety, $100.00; Noretta Cooley, $18.47; Zachary & Alecia Davis, $75.00; Fast Stop 1132, $260.81; Guernsey Gazette, $1,108.44; Hach Company, $159.97; Heartland Embroidery & Printwear LLC, $513.00; Hort Construction, $2100.00; Melissa Howe, $17.45; John Deere Financial, Inc., $47.98; Long Reimer Winegar LLP, $4,812.50; Sarah Mosley, $400.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings, Inc., $246.52; One-Call of Wyoming, $6.00; Platte County Chamber of Commerce, ($2,562.50) Voided check; Productivity Plus Account, $62.83; Pitney Bowes Reserve Account, $150.00; Sam’s Club, $4,330.76; Joyce Santillanes, $32.23; Robert D. Stevens, $121.27; Sunny Bunny Easter Eggs, $432.00; TDS Collection Service, Inc., $1000.32; Vistabeam, $507.50; Wex Bank, $3,187.78; Wheatland R.E.A., $63.00; Wyoming Municipal Power Agency, $87,993.21; Wyoming Public health Laboratory, $48.00; Wyoming Retirement System, $225.00; Wyrulec, $1,465.29;.  Total Invoices, $108,606.45. Payroll, $29,202.30. Taxes/Benefits Payable, $46,210.28. TOTAL CLAIMS: $184,019.03.
PUBLIC COMMENT: Melissa Howe spoke to the Council regarding the Easter Egg Hunt on April 8th.  All went well, she thanked the volunteers who helped, provided suggestions for next year’s event.
COMMUNITY/ORGANIZATION REPORTS:  Shawna Reichert provided a Chamber update to the Council apprising the Council of upcoming events.  The Mayor announced that Chuck Porter will be the Town of Guernsey Chamber representative.
WYOMING CLASS/TROY HUNSUCKER:  Troy Hunsucker presented background information about Wyoming CLASS and provided possible investment options for municipal funds.
MATURING CD’S:  Mayor Delgado presented to the Council information on 7 CD’s maturing on April 26th 2023 which are currently held at Banner Capital Bank.  Interest rates were obtained from Banner Capital Bank and First State Bank to determine the best option for investing.  CM Michaels motioned to move all maturing CD’s to First State Bank for a 24 month term, seconded by CM Augustyn. Motion carried.  
JTEC/AIRPORT:  Rob Cain was not able to attend.  Mayor Delgado briefed Council on issues the National Guard was having with the current airport access arrangement.  The Council directed Mayor Delgado to meet with Col. Ezell to work out a solution in conjuction with the JTEC building trade.
2023 TRI-CITY PARKS POOL CONTRACT:  The contract was tabled due to the Town attorney and Tri-City Parks & Rec not having sufficient information to finalize the contract
DEPARTMENT REPORTS:  Mike Fronapfel provided Council with a report regarding the Public Works Department.  He also requested approval for on demand water heaters for the pool.  CM Michaels motioned to approve the purchase of these water heaters from Newcomb Plumbing & Heating in the amount of $8,735.00, including installation, 2nd by CM Harris.  Motion carried.  
Shenna Thomas spoke on behalf of the Fire Department.  She brought awareness to the Council and public that Guernsey Fire Department will be celebrating 100 years on June 2, 2023.  She requested input for celebrating such a milestone.  Chuck Porter presented his report to the Council.  He reported 3 bids were received to grate and build-up the ground at the Old Timers Arena.  CM Michaels motioned and CM Augustyn 2nd to award the bid to Superior Contracting for the amount of
$33,795.00.  Motion carried.  CM Wells moved and CM Michaels 2nd to strike from the minutes of April 4, 2023 the acceptance of the bid presented by Superior Contracting in the amount of $37,925. Bid approved at April 4th meeting did not follow requirements for sealed bids at that expenditure tier.  Requirements have since been met, resulting in the approval of the $33,795.00 bid.  Motion to strike the April 4, 2023 approval carried.   
MAYOR AND COUNCIL REPORT:  Members of the Council gave kudos to Melissa Howe for the success of the Easter egg hunt, also issued recognition to the Easter Bunny and to Noretta Cooley for her help.  CM Augustyn issued an update on the Platte River access point #2.  CM Harris issued his condolences to the family of Dave Cole.  CM Wells brought forth concerns regarding Platte river access parking issues.  Discussion was had with suggestions made.  Council will table any decisions until further information can be obtained.
EXECUTIVE SESSION: At 7:30 pm CM Augustyn motioned that the council adjourn to an Executive Session for a personnel matter. CM Michaels seconded. The motion carried.
RE-CONVENE REGULAR SESSION: At 8:12 pm the council re-convened to regular session with no decisions made.
ADJOURNMENT: With no further business, CM Harris motioned that the meeting be adjourned, seconded by CM Augustyn. The motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 8:12 pm.

Edward Delgado, Mayor
Dana Bell, Town of Guernsey

Public Notice No. 2022 published in the Guernsey Gazette on May 9, 2023.