Fatigue a factor in weekend losses for G-S girls


GUERNSEY – Lady Viking girls’ basketball is off to a slow start after games were cancelled last week due to weather. “You never like to have games postponed, but I felt like it was a good time as we were battling illness all through the roster,” Coach Curtis Cook said. However, he added there was a tighter turn-around between games that “can be a challenge for teams like ours with low numbers.”

The Guernsey-Sunrise girls started out fairly strong against the Lingle-Ft. Laramie Doggers on Friday.

Alyssa Nyquist, Jordan Atwood, Liberty Whitebird, and Rylie Thompson netted a total of 11 points, keeping the Doggers' 17 points within striking distance. However, the Lady Vike’s couldn’t keep up in the second quarter when the buzzer sounded: Jacelyn Schiele and LaShea Dimas were only able to add a total of six points to the Doggers' 15, ending halftime at 17-32.

In the second half, the team tried to rally but were plagued with turnovers with Thompson, Nyquist, Whitebird and Schiel nabbing only two points in the third and six points in the fourth. The buzzer sounded with a disappointing 25-62, Doggers.

Hanna-Elk Mountain vs. Guernsey-Sunrise

After an overnight break, the team headed on the road to challenge Hanna-Elk Mountain on their home turf at a conference game.

The Lady Vike’s were able to hold off the Miners in the first quarter with Dimas picking up two and Atwood picked up one for a 3-2, Guernsey, at the buzzer. Both teams kept each other in check and evened out the score by halftime with a pair of 11’s.

Though there were a lot of field goal attempts and some good rebounds, the team was once again hammered with turnovers and some fouls in the last half. Nyquist and Thompson picked up another six, ending the score 17-19, Miners, in the third quarter.

Fatigue showed up in the last quarter, with Schiele and Thompson each picking up a deuce, but there wasn’t enough to catch the Lady Miners’ running game. Final score for the night was 21-32, Miners.

“I felt like we got off to good starts in both games but as the games wore on, we fell behind the teams with deeper benches,” Cook said.

With two games scheduled for this week, he said it would be a tough schedule, but has confidence his team will “get our legs back, which will help us down the stretch.”