Platte County 4-H community enjoys pot-luck and boot-scootin’


WHEATLAND — Christmas lights twinkled around a huge buffet table as 4H community members and their families contributed a feast to a holiday potluck, followed by square dancing called by the inimitable Jarvis Windom. 

Windom has been calling square dances for 52 years. Windom is classically equipped with a turntable that spins “45” vinyl records. His leather-bound cases hold row after road of old-school square dance music. When is the last time you saw that?

Dozens of enthusiastic teens, children, parents, and grandparents joined the fun as the night started off with “lessons” in line-dancing. Windom even pulled out the favorite: “Amos Moses” by Jerry Reed. 

Couples rounded themselves together in sets of six and with a do-si-do here, and an allemande left there, skirts twirled and boots scraped the floor while smiles beamed from happy faces. Plenty of clapping and foot-stomping rounded out the festive and old-timey atmosphere of good, wholesome holiday fun.