Where did the summer go?


Being an athlete from birth, I always judge the seasons by the sports we are in. My lookahead is usually also sports related.

It’s not August. It’s almost time for football, high school and college.  It’s not September, are you ready for some football. NFL. Green Bay Packers.  And yes, I do realize that I’ve made some enemies, but you have to remember I grew up in Wisconsin, so by law I have to be a Packer fan all my life.

Growing up all sports in my era was watching my team win the first two Super Bowls. I know it’s hard to believe that I look that old, but I can hear my daughter saying, “yes you do daddy…” I watched the Milwaukee Bucks win the NBA championship in 1971 and as a sports editor for my high school newspaper I got to interview Lew Alcindor. Yeah, I know, most kids are like, “Lew Al-who?” I watched Al McGuire lead the Marquette Warriors (my mom’s alma mater) to the NCAA championship. Oh, and a year after I was born, the Milwaukee Braves won the World Series against the Bronx Bombers, though I don’t have much of a recollection of that.

I did get to watch my childhood hero, the late Hank Aaron hit home runs out of County Stadium.

The months of the year. January of course is NFL playoffs and February is Super Bowl month. At least the beginning. Then it gets pretty boring until March madness and the NCAA takes center stage. April is the MLB opener. May is graduation. June is summer basketball camp. July is the MLB all-star game and that puts us back to August. October is the big dance for the boys of summer, November is Thanksgiving Day football and December holds the high school basketball game openers and the holiday tournaments.

I do apologize to the other incredible sports which speak to your perspective months, but that was MY history growing up.

It seems sad that our summers here in Wyoming pass so quickly and our thoughts turn from innertubes to tire chains. Sorry, didn’t mean to harsh your mellow.

It will mean much more to me this year as the north winds come over the mountains and as much as I found myself complaining about the gazillion degree heat in Arizona, I promised myself not to complain if I ever made it back home to where the seasons actually exist. So, if you hear a cross word coming out of my mouth while I am shoveling snow this year or losing feeling in my extremities while photographing a football game, keep the laughter under your breath or just slap me into the reality of home sweet home.

All of our sports teams are now on the practice fields as of yesterday. Wheatland football, cross-country and volleyball, Guernsey football and volleyball – and we are still awaiting word to see if Chugwater and Glendo are getting into the mix this fall.

It won’t be long until we are singing fight songs, wearing our warrior’s colors, drinking hot chocolate and all of our senses taking in the smell of burning leaves, a chill in the air and EVERY SINGLE THING in spiced pumpkin… from scents to tastes to touch.

I LOVE this time of year.  Oh, and…  Go Pack.