Town of Guernsey declines law enforcement service proposal

Mark DeLap
Posted 3/14/23

Town rejects PCSO proposal

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Town of Guernsey declines law enforcement service proposal


GUERNSEY – The Feb. 21 town of Guernsey council meeting convened at the Guernsey town hall and determined by a three to one vote to decline the law enforcement service proposal that was presented by the Platte County Sheriff’s Office.

Councilperson Michaels motioned that the Town of Guernsey decline the law enforcement service proposal from the Platte County Sheriff’s Office and that the town continue to maintain its own police department, and advertise for a police chief. Councilperson Wells seconded and the motion was carried.

Present at the meeting were Mayor Delgado, Councilperson Harris, Councilperson Michaels and Councilperson Wells. Absent was Councilperson Augustyn. Guernsey town staff present were Diana Griffith, Chuck Porter, Jeff Thomas, Pam Hebbert, Sergeant Holt, Officer Chavez. Registering guests were Rose Martinez, Anthony Martinez, Ada Pulos, Robert Case, Pam Case, Ron Green, Ellie Behrmann, Dana Sanborn.

After the agenda and minutes were approved, Mayor Delgado presented the vouchers for approval. Councilperson Wells motioned to approve the Considerations of Claims in the amount of $181,337.22, seconded by Councilperson Harris, and the motion carried.

As the public was invited to bring comment, Ada Pulos inquired about public availability of information from police reports. Dana Sanborn introduced herself to the council as Division Chief of Ambulance Services for Banner Health and provided an overview of the current services provided in the region. Diana Griffith thanked the council for their continued support of the mobile food pantry.

Councilperson Wells motioned that the town designate a structure to house a cemetery directory as its 2023 Wyoming Community Gas project if the cost of the building and lighting fall within the $5,136 distribution to be received. Councilperson Harris seconded and the motion carried.

The council then reviewed the sanitation rate/fuel surcharge and Councilperson Michaels motioned to keep the fuel surcharge for sanitation services at $2.99 per month per container for another three months. Councilperson Harris seconded and the motion carried.

Diana Griffith reported that she inspected the Visitor Center recently and saw no issues. She thanked the council for remembering center employees at Christmas. Jeff Thomas reported maintenance activity at the fire hall. He and Shenna Thomas will travel to Buffalo for training in March.

Chuck Porter is researching legislative parameters for the town in addressing the cleanup of properties. Pam Hebbert reported that two bids had been received for the landfill remediation project and DEQ was in the process of making an award.

Councilperson Wells then thanked community members for their comments in the consideration of the law enforcement services proposal stating they were helpful in making a decision. Councilperson Michaels thanked the Public Works crew for their work unfreezing waterlines, plowing snow and preparing for the next storm. Mayor Delgado then reported a tentative date of March 15 for the council to meet with the company proposing to build a meat packing plant. He also inquired about timelines to plan for fireworks this coming July 4.

At 6:44 p.m. Councilperson Harris motioned that the council adjourn to an Executive Session for personnel. Councilperson Wells seconded. The motion carried.  At 7:36 p.m. the council re-convened to regular session with no decisions made.

With no further business, Councilperson Wells motioned that the meeting be adjourned, was seconded by Councilperson Michaels, and the motion carried. The meeting adjourned at 7:36 p.m.