Local dog rescue reaches West Bank


HARTVILLE — At Kindness Ranch, our mission has always centered around rescuing former research animals and providing them with a loving home. This year, we find ourselves presented with a unique opportunity to extend our compassion and expertise to an international rescue effort for animals in crisis from Palestine and the West Bank. 

Daily Hugz is a sanctuary for homeless and abused animals while offering a safe play environment for children in Palestine. The situation in the region is getting more and more dangerous every day, and these innocent dogs are no longer safe in the place they once called home.  

The SPCA International (The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty of Animals) has stepped in and is partnering with Daily Hugz to rescue and relocate all the dogs currently at the sanctuary. 

As they stated, “Currently, 70 dogs, many of them with special needs, need to be evacuated to safety. These animals have thrived in the one-acre sanctuary of Daily Hugz located in the West Bank. However, escalating violence and travel restrictions have led to the heartbreaking decision to shut down Daily Hugz. 

The founder, who has devoted his life to these animals, is not being allowed to return to Israel. Getting food and veterinary care in the area is becoming increasingly difficult.” Without outside support, these dogs will be forced to stay behind and could die from hunger, illness, or as a result of the war.  

The SPCA International reached out to us, knowing our expertise in helping animals with trauma, and implored us to save these dogs. While Kindness Ranch primarily helps former research animals, at times we offer our sanctuary to animals in need regardless of circumstance because it is also our mission to show compassion to all animals. When we have the resources to give an animal a future and a new life, we will always choose to offer a lifeline.

We will be accepting up to ten dogs with the cost of transport fully paid for by SPCA International. These dogs are less than 35 pounds, primarily tripods and dogs coping with fear, anxiety, and trauma – similar to former research animals. We can’t wait to welcome these poor animals seeking refuge and find them forever families in the United States.

We will need adopters! Please help spread the word and share with as many people as you can so that these dogs get the loving family and happy life they deserve.

Thank you for your unwavering support and understanding as we embrace this opportunity to make a positive impact on a global scale. You can learn more about this mission by visiting spcai.org/west-bank