Food Bank of Wyoming Looks Ahead to 2023


WYOMING – We all hope the day will come when neighbors across Wyoming no longer experience food insecurity; until then, Food Bank of Wyoming promises to always be a resource to help ensure our communities don’t face hunger. In 2023, Food Bank of Wyoming has optimistic goals for our programs, operations and community engagement to amplify our efforts across the state.

After a hard year for many Wyoming residents experiencing high inflation, Food Bank of Wyoming understands communities need nourishing meals more than ever with more than 10% of residents, including thousands of children, currently facing food insecurity. Executive Director Rachel Bailey recognizes the hard work both individuals and organizations do to help address this pressing issue.

“In the seven months I have been executive director, I have witnessed communities coming together with strength and resilience to support neighbors in need during historic inflation and continued fallout from the pandemic,” Bailey said.

Looking ahead to 2023, Food Bank of Wyoming will continue to rely on community partners and their dedicated staff to further their mission to end hunger in Wyoming. By coming up with innovative solutions to help our partners expand their capacity, grow a strong volunteer base, and improve financial resources, Food Bank of Wyoming can help our partners more equitably serve Wyoming communities and get food to anyone who needs it.

In 2023, Food Bank of Wyoming is excited to embark on a statewide listening tour. This will involve Bailey and members of our team traveling across Wyoming to meet with their Hunger Relief Partners to gather feedback and insights, and assess concerns, community needs and capacity needs. This is in effort to better meet the needs of every Wyomingite in need of food assistance, no matter where in the state they call home.